Alejandra Alatorre started her journey in Arts. She studied violinmaking degree (that is the building and restoration of violins, altos and cellos) with cello performance. Afterwards she certified in Literary Creation publishing her work in several books and magazines and she won 1st place in the 2006’s Story Contest in Querétaro.

Then she traveled to Montreal where she worked for the restauration workshop La Maison du Violon and with the cellomaker Michelle Ashley. There she started studying yoga and meditation and decided to become vegetarian and come back to Mexico to found a self-sufficient community based on Permaculture and other ethical principles, in harmony with the planet and the human being. Thus she succeeded with the foundation of Bosque Shambala in the middle of Xilitla’s Rain Forest, where you have to walk two kilometers through the woods in order to meet the place.

In Bosque Shambala she developed permaculture, eco-building, biodynamic and renewable technologies like solar systems, solar cooker and solar hitter, as well as, focusing on the production of spirulina seaweed, and some other organic products like soap, jam, vinegar, etc. In this way she got close to the nearest community from whom she learned their food, traditions and herbal medicine.

When she noticed the lack of doctors and medical services in the zone, she decided to push out into alternative therapies like cooking therapy, medicinal plants, aromatherapy, Reiki, Thetahealing®; as a service for the communities and as a healing tourism at the same time. Thereby she conceived Healing Tour®, a concept that embraces a tour on nature or a magical town combined with alternative therapies adding to the aforementioned: yoga, meditation and massages.

Currently the tours take place in San Miguel de Allende and Xilitla, SLP. Alternately to this project, she’s developing a natural medicine enterprise where she is in charge of medicinal plants culture in greenhouses. She’s living in San Miguel de Allende indefinitely, with the greatest disposition to develop in that environment and get involved in the nutritional, medicinal and sacred matter of mexican plants.