About us

Our Mission is to create a save and peaceful space for people seeking healing and reconnection with nature and themselves.

In 2013, Bosque Shambala (Shambala means “Place of Peace”) was founded by Pepe and Alejandra. Their vision has been to create a self-sufficient community based on Permaculture and other ethical principles, in harmony with the planet and the human being. Thus they succeeded with the foundation of Bosque Shambala in the middle of Xilitla’s Rain Forest. Here they developed permaculture, eco-building, biodynamic and renewable technologies, as well as, focusing on the production of spirulina seaweed, and some other organic products like soap, jam, vinegar, herbal medicines, etc. In this way they got close to the nearest community from whom they learned their food, traditions and herbal medicine. Also many volunteers from all over the world arrived to help build this dream into reality. Now Bosque Shambala continues to grow and we want to share this incredible space with more people that want to help to heal the world. Together amazing things are possible.


Jose Luis / Pepe (Founder)

Music guru, born nurturer, creative mind, walking lexicon

Skills: ayuvedic massage, clay therapy, alphabiotics, medicinal plants, sound healing, instrument lessons, building instruments.


Alejandra / Ale (Founder)

Natural healer, nature lover, healing guru, violin maker

Skills: Theta healing, crystal travel, Reiki, aromatherapy, massages, meditations, medicinal plants, access bars, retreats.

Currently living in
San Miguel de Allende.

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Andrea (Team)

Tree hugger, empathic listener,
herbalist, organizational talent

Skills: EFT, Tarot, Reiki, medicinal plants,
stick and poke tattoos


Omar (Supporter)

Shaman, conscious musician, brother of everyone

Skills: Ayahuasca, sound healing, sun meditation, conscious music

Currently living in Durango.



Israel (Supporter)

Shaman, family father, love warrior

Skills: Ayahuasca, meditations

Currently living in Xilitla.



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